Hidayatullah National Law University Colossus & IMUNC 2020
Global Intellectual Property Convention 2020 award to Vice Chancellor for Excellence in contribution for Intellectual Property education and research....
Prof. Garry Fehr from University of the Fraser Vallery, Canada visit at HNLU
XIth HNMCC 2019
Administrative Building, Hidayatullah National Law University, Nava Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Student Corner

Moot Court Hall

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Fig: Moot Court Left View
Moot Court Hall at HNLU is the Laboratory to test the Advocacy skills of the students of HNLU. A fully furnished Moot Court Hall is available in the Campus and all the Court Room Exercises are conducted in the Moot Court Hall.

HNLU is one of the very few Universities in India to include Moot Court Exercise as a compulsory part of every legal subject taught at HNLU. Fifteen Marks are allotted for the Moot Court Exercise in every Law subject of which a maximum of 10 marks are awarded to a student based on his advocacy skills, court manners, knowledge of law, etc., and a maximum of 5 marks are awarded to the memorials containing written arguments for the case which the student argues in the Moot Court.
Fig: Moot Court Right View
The Moot Court Society, a student body manages all the mooting activities at HNLU. The Moot Court Society conducts an intra mural Moot Court Competition and selects Mooters to represent HNLU at various Moot Court and Client Counseling Competitions held at various places in India and abroad.

Since inception, the students of HNLU continue to bring laurels like Best Student Advocate, Best Memorials, etc. from various Moot Court and Client Counseling competitions from different corners of India, pushing behind many premier law schools of India. The Under- graduate Course in HNLU is designed in such a manner that a student of HNLU can pass out only after successfully arguing a minimum of fortyfive cases in all.

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