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The Law Library is an integral division of the HNLU. The library of the HNLU is considered as a laboratory of a scientific institute, where the apparatus for the law students are the classic law books, case law reports and journals that are available in full sets. The students would perform legal research like experiments to augment their studies by using these equipments.

Mission statement:
The mission of the HNLU Law Library is to provide information resources for augmenting studies and research activities that will assist HNLU in becoming the premier centre on legal education and research in the twenty-first century. As a subsidiary mission we also aim to enrich the HNLU Law Library with all scholarly legal resource materials both in print as well as in digital formats and provide the materials to the students for their benefit

There is no doubt that a library is the ‘heart' of any academic institution of higher learning. It plays significant role in pursuit of academic excellence especially in law institution’s excellence where the importance of its library increases many times as the entire teaching is mostly library dependent.

The HNLU in view of its aims and objectives has planned out for a separate and spacious library in its present premises and started enriching the same, meeting the requirements of the curriculum. As of now it has excellent collection of text books, reference books and law reports covering a wide range of general and special subjects

The HNLU Library has adopted an open access system so as to make it easier for the readers to access to the library resources thereby saving precious time. To assist the students and research scholars in locating their desired legal literature and other information, efficient library automation package has been installed

The HNLU Library also conducts library orientation programme for the fresh students to acquaint them with the library system, services and resources so that they may exploit the available resources for their maximum benefit..

The library automation software also helps the staff in maintaining inventory and house-keeping jobs. There are quite a few P IV workstations placed in the library hall for the students to browse legal resources from West Law, Manupatra and other on-line sources, apart from Grand Jurix which is available for search off line.

    * To serve the academic community to augment HNLU’s academic excellence.
    * To provide adequate resources as an aid for learning, research activities.
    * To enrich the library not only with classic collection but also with the modern library resources.
    * To computerize legal information, storage, retrieval and dissemination and ;
    * To explore sharing of resources from various other law libraries in the form of a grid or consortium.   

Services Offered:
   1. Reading / consultation of books 7 days a week.
   2. Lending of Books
   3. Reference
   4. On line access of West Law and Manupatra
   5. CD-Rom databases search
   6. Articles Index Service
   7. News Paper Clipping Service
   8. Internet Search / Browsing through Wi-Fi network.

The entire collection of books, journals and reports are organised in an orderly manner. The book racks are placed in one side of the reading hall in segments of three racks each with subject and rack number guides on each segment of racks, thereby making the retrieval of materials easier and convenient.

Reports and Journals:
Apart from sizeable number of text books and the reference books we have in our collection full sets of All ER, Cambridge Law Journal, Modern Law Review, Law Quarterly Review, The Digest, Halsbury’s Laws of England (latest 4 th ed Reissue), Butterworth’s Company Cases, AIR Manual 5 th ed and the latest 6 th ed., Civil Court Manual, AIR, SCC, Income Tax Reports, Company Cases, Current Central Legislation, Divorce and Matrimonial Cases, Indian Appeals, Moor’s Indian Appeals, Labour and Industrial Cases, Madras Law Journal, Supreme Court Digests – Millennium, 15 Years, Quinquennial, Decennial and Yearly, Halsbury’s Laws of India, MP Revenue Cases, CG Revenue Cases, MP Labour and Service Law Reports Labour Law Journal several law dictionaries, general dictionaries, and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

The library is however, exploring in identifying more law reports and journals that will meet requirements of the new topics/subjects added into the syllabus.

Current Subscription:
Besides having the collection of above mentioned back volumes, the library is also subscribing to the current issues of law journals and reports viz: AIR, All E R, Labour & Industrial Cases, Criminal Law Journal, Labour Law Journal, Indian Factories and Labour Reports, SCC, Journal of ILI, Seminar, Yojana, Journal of Law & Society, Journal of Peasant Studies, Law & Society Review, Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Journal of World Trade etc.

Justice Hidayatullah Special Collection:
The HNLU Library takes pride in mentioning about maintaining and preserving several unique and priceless personal books of Hon’ble Justice Hidayatullah- an eminent jurist, legal scholar and Vice-President of India- kindly donated by his family to this library in fond memory of Justice Hidayatullah. In view of the precious nature of the collection and for prolong preservation, the books are permitted only to be referred inside the library.

Newspaper Magazines reading facility:
To keep the students abreast of current affairs the Library subscribes to 07 leading national English dailies and magazines. These are displayed on the specially designed tables and the newspapers are immediately placed upon receipt.

Circulation - Borrowing Policies:

Journals, reports, reference books, manuals, bare acts, dictionaries and encyclopaedia – are not for borrowing.
    * Text Books and other books suggested by teachers – may be borrowed for one day.
    * Over due charge @Rs.10/- per day. Prolong overdue and repetitive occurrences will invite suspension of library privileges.
    * Renewals limit- there is five times renewal on production of book, subject to no reservation.
    * Book reservation – is permitted only when the demanded book is on circulation.
    * Loose parts of reports and journals are permitted for reference only on production of a demand slip.
    * The books that are in high demand are recalled from the borrowers.
    * The library has facility of photocopying within the premises.

Library Ambience and reading facilities:
We at HNLU Library endeavour to create right library ambience with an intention to benefit its end users i.e. students and therefore we have stepped aside from traditional system of library capacity utilisation and timings etc. Our timings and reading room facilities and the services are formulated on need-based principles and therefore our library stands apart from the traditional libraries.

On similar principles, our library reading hall capacity utilization has been formulated in such a manner to enable all the students to avail of reading/reference facility and for this reason the HNLU library remains operative 365 days a year.

The collection of library has received wide acclaim and recommendation from legal luminaries who visited the HNLU.


 Total Collection:  22,788        
• 1219 (One thousand two hundred nineteen) donated books from personal library of justice Hidayatullah to HNLU, Library.

Enclosed all details
1.    National  journals
2.    Multi-volumes reference sets
3.    International journals
4.    Magazines
5.    Newspapers
6.    Other Links

National Journals Subscribed
1.    Criminal law journal    -   1994 to till date
2.    Moore’s Indian appeals-  1857-69 to 1971-72
3.    Law reports Indian Appeals-  1873-74 to 1949-50
4.    All India reporter    -   1924 to till date
5.    Supreme court cases -  1969 to till date
6.    Labour & Industrial Cases -  1968 to till date
7.    Labour Law Journal -  1954 to till date
8.    Madras Law Journal -  1919 to 2002
9.    Divorce & Matrimonial Cases - 1933 to 2003
10.    Current Central Legislation - 1976 to 2000
11.    Company Cases - 1984 to 2002
12.    M.P Revenue Nirnaya - 1960 to 2002
13.    Indian Annual Register - 1919 to 1947
14.    M.P Accommodation Control Judgment - 1989 to 2002
15.    Chhattisgarh Rajasva Niraya -  2003 to 2007
16.    Economics & Political Weekly - 2004 onwards
17.    Factories & Labour Law Reports - 2007 onwards
18.    Income Tax Report - 1933 to till date
19.    Indian Bar Review - 1984 to till date
20.    Social Action - Subscription from 2011
21.    Women links - Subscription from 2011
22.    Legal news & views - Subscription from 2011
23.    Media watch - Subscription from 2011

Foreign Journals Subscribed
1.    All England Law Reports - 1558 to 2002, 2007 till date
2.    Cambridge Law Journal - 1921 to 2001
3.    Law Quarterly Review  - 1985 to 2002
4.    Modern Law Review - 1937 to 2002
5.    The Digest -  Volume 1 to 52
6.    Butterworth’s Company Cases        1983 to 2002
7.    Fleet Street Report                 1966 to 2008            
8.    Public Law Journal                1956 to 2007
9.    Report on Patent Trade Mark Cases    1884 to 2007
10.    United State Supreme Court Reports    1957 to 2010
11.    United State Supreme Court Digest    Volume 1 to 22 with Tables and Index
12.    Butterworth’s Human Rights Cases    Volume 1 to 30
13.    Butterworth’s Medico-Legal Reports    Volume 1- 121 with Index
14.    European Human Rights Reports    Volume 1- 51 with Index
15.    International Company Commercial Law Review-  Volume 1-20  
16.    British Company Law Cases        1986-2009
17.    All England Law Reports Commercial Cases-    1999-2010
18.    International Law Reports     Volumes 1-145
19.    The Encyclopedia of Forms and Percents    Volumes 1-42(3)
20.    European Intellectual Property Review    Volumes 1-32
21.    Corpus Juris Secundum    Volumes 1-101
22.    American Jurisprudence    Volumes 1-83
23.    Hayward’s Patent Cases    Volumes1-10
24.    Journal of Business Law    1957-2010

Multi- Volume Reference Sets
1.    Sacred Book of East-        
2.    Halsbury’s Law of England    
3.    Halsbury’s Law of India-        
4.    A.I.R Manual             
5.    A.I.R Manual            
6.    Civil Court Manual    
7.    AIR Millennium digest        
8.    AIR 50 Years Digest        
9.    AIR 15 Years Digest        
10.    AIR Quinquannial  Digest        
11.    AIR Decennial Digest        
12.    Encyclopedia Britannica        
13.    Oxford English Dictionary    
14.    M.P Law Manual             
15.    Central Acts & Rules        
16.    Report of Law Commission of  India    
17.    Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences
18.    Encyclopedia of Historical Treaties & Alliances
19.    Encyclopedia of Capitalism
20.    Encyclopedia of Holidays and Celebrations
21.    Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World
22.    Encyclopedia of the United Nations
23.    Encyclopedia of World Constitutions
24.    Encyclopedia of the Modern World
25.    World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties
26.    Encyclopedia of World Religion
27.    Encyclopedia of War
28.    Encyclopedia of World’s Nations and Cultures
29.    Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
30.    Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders

Newspapers (Two copies of each)
1.    The Hindu
2.    The Times Of India
3.    Hindustan Times
4.    Hitavada
5.    Indian Express
6.    The Economics Times

1.    The Week
2.    Outlook
3.    India Today
4.    Frontline
5.    Competition Success Review
6.    Sahara Times
7.    Business Today
8.    Chronicle
9.    Yojana

Annual Subscription Journal/Periodicals 2015 – 2016
1. All India Reporter
2. All England Law Reporter
3. Criminal Law Journal
4. Economic and political Weekly
5. Current Central Legislation
6. Labour law Journal
7. Supreme Court Cases
8. The Economist
9. Down to Earth
10. Labour and industrial Cases
11. Income Tax Reports
12. Indian Factories and Labour Reports
13. Media Watch
14. Women’s Link
15. Legal  News & Views
16. Down to Earth
17. Environmental  Law  and  Forest  Law Times
18. Journal of the Indian Institute
19. Indian Green File
20. South Asia Green
21. Corporate Environment

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